If Silva is sacked - who could/should we get?


Player Valuation: £60m
I hope it happens because I believe he would be successful and unite a divided and dysfunctional club.

Anyone who thinks Unsworth is a good coach obviously fundamentally misunderstands the role of an academy coach.
Can you not see progression in our young players mate? Players like Broadhead have come on enormously under him (and thats just this season). I'm not saying he;s the right man, but it does surprise me ho Unsworth is discounted as a former blue, but some people would happily give Cahill/Arteta the role, based on what exactly? Managing here will be very different to managing/coaching Manchester City


Player Valuation: £70m
Seriously I loved Mikel but what has he done?

Yes I know he’s learning from the best but seriously.

We either go for a top class manager or we carry on with Silva
But were not getting a top class manager, i really cant see it, and Silva is awful and clearly not good enough. So we have to re-think, no more crappy managers who failed at clubs worse then us, such as Silva and no more flavour of the month like Koeman types. Which leaves us either going lower leagues, like Moyes, which im not so sure is a good call now or go overseas.
No i hope Brands can find someone we have never heard of, which would be nice, or we have to take a gamble, and you can be sure Arteta has learnt more about being part of a winning set up then a clown like Silva ever will.
The main thing is Moshiri has to accept he made a big mistake with SIlva and boot him

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