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They have nothing to play for, are crap, we're on a good run and still competing to finish as high as possible. From that you'd have to guess like 3-0 ev but these are the ones that trip you up if you go in and expect an easy win. Will be a test of how Silva keeps them engaged.

Colmo - Keano - Zoumo - Dingo
Gomo - Gano
Ricko - Siggo - Berno


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We should batter them. So scrape a draw then.

I really do hope we put on a show down south though and put up a cricket score.

Big Fat Sam

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Bend these over our knees and absolutely tan their arses.

4-0 Everton.

Jagielka brace, Digne and then let's Gana Gueye and get it on.


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Press from the front right from the off as we have the last 2 games and I feel we’ll coast this.


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Would love to get hold of a ticket for this one.
Get yourself on the Everton tickets facebook group. There are a few sound guys on there that that get lots of tickets. Make sure they are the trusted ones though as there are the occasional rogue one.
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