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Inside your head

Well, well, well, 2 top 6 sides put to the sword, clean sheets, silky football, yes please.

Up next its Championship bound Fulham, words I never thought I would be typing in August, as you would imagine they are in a terrible run of form, but, as regular readers are aware, there are no easy games in this league, but come on? Saturday at 3 bells kick off for once as well!

I suspect young Captain Jags will be leading from the bench in this 1 and hopefully the boys carry on their fine late-season form :

Goats 11 to start :

60grand - Zooms - Keggers - Luca
Drissy - Sex
Richyrich - Viking - Tearyouapart


Player Valuation: £60m
They really are a bad team and we should be beating these comfortably , not saying we should be winning by 3-4 goals but we should dominate the game and be in control and I think a 2-0 domatimg performance is not to much to ask for. Saying that we are Everton so probably lose 1-0


Player Valuation: £10m
Must say I'm really starting to want 7th place, I'd almost given up but it feels like the season has been somehow defibbed back to life.

Maybe rest anyone that got a knock today, I'm thinking Digne l maybe. That being said we should really go for it but keep an eye on utd.1-3 to Everton with a goal at least for big Dom he deserves it.
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