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Read a good review of the tactics on RBM. I think it generally looked about right. Fulham changed from a back three to a back four and the plan we used against the 3 other London teams doesn't work against that. It wouldn't matter if the players were on their game or not (clearly they were not). We have consistently seen that against a flat back four Gylfi becomes the invisible man and the outlets to Richy and Bernard are blocked. Fortunately ManU play the way we like but definately not Burnley!!
Bernard looked like the best of our players by a mile btw.
That is an indictment of poor management not reading the game and adjusting.


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I don't normally bet on us, but I had a nice bet on us against Arsenal last week. On Saturday I placed an accumulator on Spurs, Everton, Man City and Tiger Woods. My risky £20 acca would have returned over £400, which is more than I get for a week cleaning windows. I won't be betting on us again. What a terrible effort that was!!!


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The way things are we'll probably beat United next weekend.
I think if DCL had done his job on Saturday we would be feeling OK. Sorry if that is stating the obvious.
It's a funny old team!

Jamo Martinez

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Southampton in the cup, was still raging a few days after
millwall in the cup, still raging now
already relegated Fulham to go 7th, still raging now

been some absolutely pathetic performances this season
Exactly. And after awful results like those scatterred through the season, the players would have to be complete idiots to have even considered that Fulham would be easy.

Jeff Jones

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I watched it this morning and I think Fulham were alright. Nothing like a team that'd just been relegated. We weren't as bad as I expected but I
thought we left them with stacks of space in the middle of the ground, unlike the Arsenal match where we closed them down and didn't give them
room to breathe. DCL should've scored just before halftime and it probably would've been enough. There was a lot of pace on the cross but a top
striker would've got to it. We all know we're inconsistent and there it's been for all to see for the last month or so.

Btw, I was disappointed in that stamp on Mitrovich by Gomes and I think he could be in trouble. Didn't think he was like that.
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