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What an opportunity for four clean sheets in a row. Anyone remember the last time we achieved that?


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Pepper their goal and area and we will destroy them. Rico is the worst keeper in the league and that defence is mistake ridden.

I am never this optimistic but same team, no key injuries will be 4 nil blues.


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The Everton old would no doubt drop points in a game like this after beating a top team how this is a new Everton! 11-0 to he blues.


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Fulham away in April.

Hopefully the sun is shining, people are rowing past on the Thames and Everton are smashing in the goals.

Same XI. Can't wait.

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Well this use to be the game that the team playing Home won all the time,till in the end we broke that and now we seem to win there more often than not,won 3 of the last 5 or 6,and i can see us winning 3-1 to finally get our 2 wins in a row which has not happened as said since sep 2016-we have supposedly not won three consecutive games, all with clean sheets, against London clubs Ever, so another record that we can break lol


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should be absolutely bumming these everywhere, terrible team with nothing to play for, half that team wont even be at the club next season so won't even be arsed

get a few more goals and a clean sheet

would not surprise me if they get something though, just everton doing what they do best

Ring master

Player Valuation: £70m
What an opportunity for four clean sheets in a row. Anyone remember the last time we achieved that?
I may be totally wrong here,but checking quick,not thinking ive missed anything,it looks like 2008 season twice

Everton 3 Bolton 0
Newcastle 0 Everton 0
Everton 2 West Brom0
Blackburn 0 Everton 0

Around xmas time 5 in a row
Man City 0 Everton 1
Everton 0 chelsea 0
Boro 0 Everton 1
Everton 3 Sunderland 0
Everton 2 Hull 0


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They lost 13 of the last 14 games and we have beaten 2 top 6 teams..... 2-1 to them : ( Everton that!
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