Match Thread Fulham v Everton; Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

Everton Man of the Match

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Hoping we come out aggressive and hungry for a truly dominant performance. If not, this could have a touch of Newcastle all over it. However, I’m optimistic. UTFT


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We’ll smash these, we messed up at Newcastle but they’re actually capable of those kinds of results when they wanna be. Fulham are just utterly terrible.

4-1 Everton.


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I dont think its a case of overestimating Wolves, I think its just that the last 3 games have given us a massive boost, before that they there was a massive gap.

Its gonna be close, point between 4 teams, all with a good chance, can certainly see this going to the last day, hopefully we are in the mix still.
Even if we don't get 7th a strong run in will have a huge impact on the squad and the fans alike: there's some memories from this season which need banishing.

I'd love to be going to this, cracking spot for a Saturday afternoon's footie. Lived in Chiswick for a while in the 90's not too far from Craven Cottage.

Hopefully it continues to click and DCL bags a goal of two to put the bedwetters back to sleep.
Even though our record isn't great there, Craven Cottage is one of my favourite away games simply because of the location - a great away day!


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Looking forward to this. I think it's the biggest test of the season. Granted I won't go mad if it's a Banana skin but it will show we are a different animal if we can win them big game and go on to dispatch a game where we would everton it.

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