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I went with my kid for his first ever game. He was really excited by the flags but i shouted at him not to dare wave it because it would embarrass me, everyone around me was staring at me, acknowledging my style. Glad i came out the ground just as cool as i was when i went in.

Catfish Blues

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The pyrotechnics will be good at night and using the blue colour
If they used the same pyro as they did today, but had 'em in Blue, then they'd still be damp squibs mate.

I think it's great that a group of fans are doing stuff to try and get people off their feet, and, despite not totally agreeing with everything they've tried, I've chucked a few quid in their direction a few times in the last few months.

I wasn't sure about the siren, banners, big flags in the Gwladys and todays flags and pyros, but, so far ...

Siren : Absolutely boss
Banners and big flags : Looked great
Todays flags and pyro : Looked overly contrived and cheesy to me, but others liked 'em

So, like everything else in life, some things work for some, but not for others, which is sound, most people can agree to disagree, esp. on small stuff which ain't that important.

What does boil my urine though, is when people say stuff like

Why don't the moaners try and support the team a bit more and get behind the efforts to improve the atmosphere, to help the team ??
which is basically saying you're not getting behind the team if you don't wave a plassy flag before kick off.

In the same way that there are many ways to look like a numpty on the internet,
there are also many ways of getting behind the team, and everyone can choose their method.
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