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Seems like a relatively insignificant thing, but I agree. Would be great if Everton could back up all the fantastic work by EitC by being a "green" organisation as much as possible.

That said, to someone watching on TV from the other side of the world, I thought the flags looked fantastic as the players came out. I had my doubts about it but fair dues, it didn't look naf, just looked like who we are - a passionate, supportive fanbase. Who love a good moan (just joking, kind of :oops: ;) )
Now blowing all over Walton and kirk Dale and the swans choking on them in Stanley Park...


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Missed kick off so my experience of the flags was trying to sit down and getting a pole up my arse.

So of course im all for them.

But im all for improving the atmos at games, so good luck to anybody who tries.
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