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Thought it looked all right tbh.

Obviously, like most of the grown ups where I was ( bar those with kids ), I didn't wave mine, because grown men waving plastic flags is just very, very sad, but if it gets the youngsters interested then there's no real harm in it, especially if it was just for the first home game of the season.

The pyro was pathetic though.


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Still kopite behavior.
Not really, it was just a thing for the first game of the season. I thought the whole ground was a step too far, maybe just the street end would of been better. Our fans are not now, nor will they ever been like the morons across the park or the contrived palace fans. The problem we've had a GP for a long time, is that you have fans not interested in vocally supporting the team in the street end, but mind you most of the ground get behind us in big games. Liverpool's atmosphere is so stage managed beyond belief you can't really take it seriously.


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Considering the level of whining on here about the flags, the participation by the 39066 (less the Watford contingent) was pretty much unanimous... and to see all areas of the ground taking part was excellent.
And it wasn't just the kids who enjoyed it.
It looked terrific, the sirens raised the noise level and then Z-Cars took the noise to another level.

I was in the ground at 12.15 and the wind blowing the flags made Goodison look a genuine picture, a great sight.

Why don't the moaners try and support the team a bit more and get behind the efforts to improve the atmosphere, to help the team ??

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It's well intention but it's just not Everton who are traditionally a reactive fan base. It's a kind gesture by someone who is out of touch with our fans

For me it's like Turkey at Christmas, forced nonsense.
Merry Christmas.
Try to smile at least once between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

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