Fixture List 2019/20


Doing bits, here and there.
Looks to me like the first weekend TV fuxtures arecannounced already.

RS play Friday night.

City early on Saturday, Spurs late.

Arsenal 2 p.m. Sunday and the Mancs play Chelsea just after.

Ther is just the MNF game to be announced.
Didn’t see that Khak but at least we’ve got some sort of warning for the later games.


Player Valuation: £70m
Least we’re at home final game. Away day starts are annoying but at least it’s not a newly promoted team. The run of the top 6 also comes at a time when we should at least be in the swing of it rather than right at the beginning of the season. Might also give us a chance to catch some of them in a fixture pile up.
Is there CL and Europa games in Dec


Player Valuation: £70m
Won 5 all season

Lost there 1st home game played 5 years ago 3-1 v west ham, Lost 1st game they played home 4 years ago 2-1 v Arsenal,Lost 1-0 home 1st day 3 years ago v west brom, lost home 3-0 Huddersfield 2 years ago 1st day,lost home 1st game last season they played [2-0], Basically looks like they have lost every 1st home game of the season since 2011 that game they won was Burnley in championship
That’s one run that will come to a shuddering halt this season so

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