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Player Valuation: £35m
No apology for bringing the fat man in and dumping us in this mess.

Talks about the strategic review being done by the same clowns that put us into this mess.

Compliments our useless chairman and CEO.

Full focus on the stadium with nothing said about committing to making the footy team not be a car crash on the pitch.

This hasn't left me with any confidence.

Me neither. I’ll always want us to win but that’s as far it goes now. Feels like a never ending circle of one step forward and two or three back.


Player Valuation: £40m
There's a difference between communication, and what is being said. In all honesty, it's reactionary. It's a publicity exercise because the natives are getting restless. It says little to address the real issues at the football club. Perhaps he'd keep it private and probably best to do so. He's showing complete faith BK and DBB / the board, and it is blind faith in my opinion. The club is not a well run club and he's either too blinkered or just not admitting it; does not make me feel happy. If it makes you feel happy, that's on you pal.
I already said I wasn't happy, not sure I can put it any simpler though. The man didn't meet your expectations in his communication, and who do you think you are exactly lol


Player Valuation: £35m
Fair enough but can you see where he can't win in that scenario/.

No I can’t in all honestly mate.

People wanted him to communicate through official channels, he has. Now that isn’t saying we should accept or be thrilled with what is actually written on this occasion which is what some are clearly unimpressed with.

It’s not a simple case of “he’s communicating now, stop complaining “ its what actually been written at the end of the day. I’m not having a go at you or anything.

You actually look at the state we are in , they want praise and are talkative when things are seemingly going alright but clam up when things are not. Not good leadership and to be honest it shouldn’t have to take fans to ask people to communicate.

Let’s be straight here, the way we are, if it was another club, say a West Ham or dare I say them lot, how many Blues would look at it differently and even mock and laugh? Know what I mean?


Player Valuation: £70m

The man has just capitalized 100M of debt and increased his shareholding and all I see is criticism...do you think he wanted Koeman, Silva, Ancelotti, and Benitez to fail so spectacularly...

When we appointed Ancelotti especially, every man and his dog were dancing down the streets.

Accept the man's apology and let's move forward.
He hasn't apologized for anything in that statement.


Player Valuation: £70m
Thats my position mate - he's made mistakes but he's committed to us and put his money where his mouth is so we all need to give him a 2nd chance - not like we have a que of Dubai Shiekhs or Saudi Royals waiting to sports wash us to the top of the pile.

There are 2 moments in the last 5 years that have set the club back and its not appointing Alladyce + Benitez:

1. Selling Romelu Lukaku with Steve Walsh wasting £150+ millions failing to replace him.

2. Selling Gana Gueye with Marcel spending over £120 millions and failing to replace him.

A club like Everton without CL revenue can not waste that sort of money neither can they afford to lose players of that quality and not adequately replace them.

Thats where my frustration with our fanbase comes from - they heckle Moshiri for the drop in where the club is but he gave the money that should have pushed us into those top 6/7 spots.

He didn't put a gun to Brands or Walshs head and make them sign Sandro Ramirez or Fabian Delph to replace Lukaku & Gueye. He didnt threaten Walsh with leaking sex tapes of him unless he signed Ashley Williams and Michael Keane to replace the likes of Stones and Jagielka.
No but he picked Brands and Walsh and all our crap managers and that's the stick he deserves to get beaten with.


Player Valuation: £70m
He cant win.

Starting to realise more and more, that those with the loudest voices all over podcasts / those voice things on twitter etc, are just that, loud and hot air.

They will moan at ANYTHING he does, they WANT to be unhappy, im sure of it.
What have you and the other happy clappers found to praise in that statement?

That he's converting 100 million that has been wasted under his leadership into equity that helps him gain enough control to stop having an AGM? It's an accounting trick and nothing more than that.

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