Match Thread Everton vs Ruzemberok, Thursday 27th July, 8.05pm

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a bell maul

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It might be a tough game but I hope they don't use travel (i.e., chartered jets, huge support staff, one hour time difference) or pollen as an excuse to park the bus. Why sit back on a 1-0 home win?
I was very impressed by the quality Ruzemberok displayed (yes, granted we were only average, but they could/should have scored once or even twice). I am very worried about the return leg; it has 'Everton that' written all over it. Thus, I think protecting what we have must be first and foremost. As regards the pollen, there are many countries I have to visit on business where it takes me a couple of days to settle down my histaminic reactions to all the different allergens in their air. And when I visit the tropics it similarly takes me two-three days to acclimatise to the heat. I do not know if Everton have players who suffer similarly, but it is better to be prepared. Hence, I advise them to take a very conservative tactical approach.


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Glad we won, but also glad it wasn't a thumping victory. A big win might've created a false sense of security & hindered any need to bring more players into the squad.

Without having seen it, was this game a good 'squad' type game? The one where you rest the 'stars' in general?


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I thought Tubby Ashley was quite poor. I hope he does not play next week.

A fella a few rows behind me shouted "Ashley, you make Pavarotti look like Twiggy lad. You should have stuck to working as a butcher with your uncle Fred."

And the woman that sits directly in front of me screamed: "The only contest we'll win with lardarse Williams is one that involves bloody pie-eating."



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Not bad. Had a bit of a preseason feel to it.
My feelings also.
First competitive game with a couple maybe trying a bit too hard.
Having said that it wasn't a pretty performance.
Blindingly obvious the need for an out and out striker, more so than Gylfi.
We should at least be fit for the start of our season though.


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agreed mate. The Echo is a rubbish rag. They certainly weren't watching the same game as most of us. "Glimpses of a Slicker Better Everton Emerge" lol...there were much more than mere "glimpses". That was a pretty impressive effort against a continental team that would easily dispense with the likes of your West Ham's, Newcastle's etc etc
This Davek opposite role you've taken on is almost more annoying than the counterpart :/


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I thought we really missed Lukaku's pace, power and finishing.

Sandro improved things when he came on, but we really need to find a proper centre forward soon.

Rudolf Hucker

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I honestly think games like that are all about psychology. A collective reality check.

When they line up in the tunnel, pampered, spray tanned & perfectly waxed, looking over at these big rough looking fellas, they know they're not worth the vast sums they get.

The other side need no motivation. They've got no weight of expectation & their opponents know that.


All I ask is an empty road.
I thought we really missed Lukaku's pace, power and finishing.

Sandro improved things when he came on, but we really need to find a proper centre forward soon.
With them sitting back, we wouldn't have seen the opportunity for Lukaku to use his pace.
I thought the entire front line looked far more mobile and hard working to be honest. It was a refreshing change.


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We need a left sided center back ASAP, Williams looked terrible. A big lump of a center forward as well to hold the ball up. Overall I thought it was a very tepid performance and we were very lucky not to concede an away goal or even 2 which would have been disastrous. OK, it was our first proper match this season but we need to improve quickly our european adventure will be over very quickly.

Stekelenburg - looked good and save our blushes a couple of times
Martini - not a very good 1st performance, got forward a lot but his defensive positioning was very suspect
Baines - tried and scored the winning goal but he looked very rusty speed wise
Keane - my motm , Very good in the air, liked carrying the ball out of defence like Stones without the razzamatazz
Williams - Poor, poor and incredibly poor, infact terrible
Gueye - Lots of running about and making space and a few nice passes made
Schneiderlin - Did ok and covered tubby Williams a few times
Klaassen - Looks like he will be ok, but his debut was a bit hit and miss (like the overall performance)
Rooney - Looked like he was trying too hard to impress
Calvert Lewin - Not a right winger, won a few balls in the air but was clattered a few times as well
Mirallas - He can be a very frustrating footballer, brilliant on his day...this was not his day
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