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Physio room showing Richie as having a problem with his hamstring, tight I think, rather than a pull.


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Looking forward to 2nd home game this season just realised who we are missing, Idrissa is running the PSG midfield tonight, side bet on them to win Champions League.


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DCL will definitely be playing unfortunately - so can see it being a slow start/first half. I think we will scrape the game in the end, but I don't think it's gonna be convincing.


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The thing that baffles me is ,if there is so much negativity posted on here ,why do they come on ? I have seen crowds of 8000 or so at Goodison and still can't feel this ,I am up for every game as the start of a new dawn .Unless it is some sort of inside joke that I have missed then there should be some soul searching on here .Fans my ring piece.


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Drop coleman
Yea he's lost a step and isn't all that great anymore. I won't dispute that. But that happens to players who hit 30 and had one of their lower extremities mangled a couple years back. The real problem is that he really works hard and cares about the club. It just makes the try not-at-alls like Morgan look bad on the pitch and destroys our collective apathetic team chemistry.

Ring master

Player Valuation: £70m
charlie nicholas has broke his record lol,hes had us to lose 2-1 in 3 games,and the other 2 to be 1-1
I have 2-1 for us with sheff Utd scoring late as they have done there last 2 away
Some of his predictions get more bizzare by the week on other games

He now has us to win 1-0

Richarlison is guaranteed a dozen or so a season. I would break it down and play Kean, Richarlison, Sigurdsson and Calvert-Lewin all together. That is a decent front four in terms of pace, movement and creative ability. Everton's defence has started the season OK but has been average since. It doesn't fit right, but this is probably a game where the crowd could get on their back. It is about easing that feeling and helping the manager out.

When we mention top-six threats, we do not mention Everton, we say Leicester and Wolves. They will just have enough to stumble over the line here. Sheffield United are still trying to adjust to the right system that suits them. I do not see a lot of goals for them. I expect Everton to snatch a winner later on.
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