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We would have been two points off fifth and 8 off 4th were it not for brainfart central from the 93rd to 95th minutes (thanks Jordan) on Tuesday. I would been backing us for a top 4 spot...

Jeff Jones

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With all due respect mate, your talking absolute bobbins. That was a dreadful, injury ravaged Newcastle side we played tonight who replaced their main striker with a Centre Back. Bruce was in damage limitation for the entire match and didn’t expect to get even a draw with that side.
Their injured players aren't good enough to have made them much better. We were just inept at the end.
When was the last time a club, any club, pissed away a 2-goal lead at home in extra time?
Might have been us against Oldham in 1990 something.


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русский что-ли? ))) мне начинает казаться, что в этом треде одни соотечественники :cool:
now I get it, yeap I'm a bit old fashioned, just to get you a picture this month mostly listening Аквариум albums from 80-s and The Beatles


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I only saw the highlights on MOD but how did we lose possession from our kick off after their first goal? I assume we did our usual trick of playing it back from the centre spot for someone to launch i diagonal ball to one of the flanks in the hope we can win possession. Why do we do this? Why not just keep the ball. I then noticed Tom Davies give away a(nother) needless free kick in the centre circle to give them the opportunity to launch it into our box. I know that a lot went wrong after that but why invite that pressure. Bloke has no brain!


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Didn't know where to post this - but does anyone know when the next Sky fixtures will be announced? Our March games etc.. still haven't been confirmed.
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