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Best I've seen us play for a few years that. A stupid couple of minutes at the end separated us from a really good night at Goodison.

For those in doubt, he's had them to train for a week (properly) and if that is the improvement, wait until a week on Saturday. I tell you, he has made Schneiderlin look like a footballer, I never, ever thought I could type that! And if in doubt about Kean's prospects as a really solid buy for us, last night has shown what he can do. Now he needs a run at it and to establish last night's performance as his normal standard.

Despite a really shitty result (in the end), I was greatly encouraged.
so, we played well, and drew. other teams play bad, and win, what would you rather have?


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you are having a laugh aren't you? If we were 5-0 up, with 5 minutes to go, we'd lose 5-6, we really are that s!!!t.
The only explanation is a match fix betting scam!
We lost two goals in the last 2 mins, basic mathematics says that we couldn’t possibly have lost by that many goals mate!


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I’ve got a confession lads.....and I’ve only just now felt able to own up.
At 2-0 I said to my mate next to me in the Paddock “2-2 it is then” with less than 2minutes of normal time left. 6 minutes later it’s full time and 2-2.
All the drive home he was adamant I’d said it in jest. After watching us for over 40 years I really wasn’t jesting....I really did fancy us to buckle.

Thought Bernard was our only creative outlet, albeit Schneiderlin made some very decent forward passes. Kean made some decent runs and looked much, much fitter. Holgate was solid - he’d be my choice for captain next season, never stops shouting and organising, and is no shrinking violet....can imagine him getting right into referees faces.


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No one will even remember this result in a couple of months time.

It's fairly well irrelevant.

Will we make top four? Unlikely.

Do we want to be in the Europa League next season? I'm not so sure that we do.

The important thing is how much better the players appear to be playing under Carlo.

The summer is the real opportunity to add proper quality to the team and then go on to have a massive push for top four next season.


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2 points off 5th

all you can do is cry
Boy do I get this. It’s depressing to think about because it’s our fault.

But imagine going back even just a few months ago during the Marco Silva times and saying “Lads, we get Carlo Ancelotti and we’ll be 4 points off 5th place by end of Jan”.

Its not an excuse but it’s where we are at and quite frankly with the garbage squad we have, Carlo is living up to the bill. Give him the right players and he’ll get us silverware. I wouldn’t worry about this season, it was a write off thanks to Silva. Onwards and upwards.
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