Match Thread Everton v Newcastle United - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

Everton Man of the Match

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Player Valuation: £60m
Anything but a win and the seasons effectively over considering the teams we need to make ground on and our poor away form.


Sidibe Holgate Mina Digne

Walcott Schneiderlin Delph Bernard

Richarlison DCL

Dont want to see that midfield partnership we had Saturday EVER again.


Player Valuation: £70m
3 0
Pickford Sid Keane Holgate Lucas Walcott Davies Morgan Bernard Kean DCL

Unless Siggy for Morgan and Richarlison for Kean.


Player Valuation: £1m
So they will just totes park the bus, if the weekend is anything to go by. Chelsea couldn’t break them down and ended up getting mugged (off) by a defensive oops in injury time.

Can we do better? Hmm.. here’s hoping :oops:


Player Valuation: £40m
Over for this and struggling to remember the last trip that yielded a decent result for us.

Anyone wanna buy a ticket ?


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