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The ref can’t decide whether the keeper is going to get the ball or not. That’s not why the decision was given. It’s because Sigurdsson was on his backside 2 yards in front of the keeper and the ball was about to hit him until he pulled his legs away at the last millisecond.

How can that NOT be offside? It’s a sickener but as soon as I saw it, I thought it was going to be disallowed.

And yes, you’re obviously of the thinking that we’re somehow hated by VAR and the top sides get preferential treatment, I completely disagree. I think the VAR system is flawed but it’s nonsense to insist we’re somehow penalised because of who we are - all the top clubs have had sickeners this season.
Kieran your arguments are nonsensical, you just love being the centre of attention, you whopper.


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The state of this sport, I absolutely hate it. Clear cut favoritism and corruption in full effect. And the smug look on the refs face after he sends Carlo off. Deserves a beating that one


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I assume VAR evens out at the end of the day but it was swings and roundabouts before - so why bother changing?

Same difference to me.


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Gylfi is on the floor AND moves his legs out the way.
When DCL shoots De Gea is already moving to the left and it comes off the United defender so quick that he would have never got to it in time.
It's one of the worst calls this season by far.
At the cost of us, and to the benefit of United. It's not a coincidence.
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