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  • Nah was thinking more along the lines of overseas, USA or Germany. I don't really dig JHB to be honest :D

    My brother supports Liverpool and my dad also sort of did until they had this slump! He's mainly a Villa fan, but also liked old school Liverpool and just because my brother supports them. It's almost scouse in here even though we're all South African haha. You come from UK?
    Yeah I was born in Cape Town. I've just graduated so a move could be on the cards. Everton supporters in SA is a rare species.
    Yeah hopefully. But even if we don't sign Landon, everton might still be shown more over here because of last year.
    Yeah, but that's only for the really early matches, usually the matches are at 10 or 11 am.

    I really hope so. I hate watching internet feeds
    Yeah, the earliest I would have to get up is maybe 7 am I think. So the west coast must have it bad.
    Yeah I guess.

    Well Eastern US time is 5 hours behind UK time. So it's 3:43 pm here which means it's 8:43 pm in the UK. What's it like there?
    That's cool. So springs almost there. Your lucky, fall will begin in a month.

    No I'm actaully closer to Washington DC than Baltimore (not by much though), but I've been there many times.

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