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Your Everton MOTM vs Arsenal

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How much for the pair?
Liverpool are being beaten by all and sundry?
And they're still gonna be up for it, will get decisions for them, etc. etc.

I'd love it if we pile on their misery, but we have much bigger misery of our own lol

Also being beaten by Brentford and Brighton this month, no? Not exactly by all and sundry, but yeah, in a poor run currently. Long may it last.


Player Valuation: £40m
I think Dyche will get us results. However, my view of the next two games has not changed as it is going to be very difficult to get a result in either. Got to be realistic as Dyche has only been here five minutes and we are playing the potential Champions tomorrow. No panic if we don’t get a result tomorrow but it would be good to see some encouraging signs of better things to come

Clarky cat

Player Valuation: £10m
Judging by the latest video Mcneil and Iwobi will be left and right midfield as they are the fittest going by the bleep test. It looked like a not even 100% fit Godfrey was also at the end as was Isaac Price?… I enjoyed watching these players being ragged instead of mucking about, the “work” that Lampard kept referring to has been replaced by a much more credible “hard work” which this lot have forgotten or seemingly just given up on.
A big crunching challenge in the first few minutes on Saka, Odegaard or Martinelli would immediately engage the crowd and get the supporters up for it while also showing the young Arsenal players they aren’t in for an easy ride. Perhaps this fixture has come too soon for the new manager to get his “yardages” across but I just want to see some fight for a change! I’m going for a draw here, 1-1. I want to see smoke coming from Lego head

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