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Everton Man of the Match

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Why do everton didn't it when all hope is lost! Please don't wait till the last 7 games next season please Everton.

Agent Blue

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Like last weeks game we were just better than them and it showed.
Again, a complete team performance with no slackers (Mr Schneiderlin please note) and Seamus just edged MoM for me, was excellent at both ends of the pitch. At his age and after that injury he never let his head drop and is still delivering top drawer performances like that.


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Proper mental, that. So many positives that’s its hard to believe we’re watching the same side. Still too early in the “run” to say whether or not it’s Marco’s influence finally taking hold but if it is this is VERY exciting for the future. In no particular order, my massive chufty points were:

- DCL putting in one of the best CF performances I can remember for us

- Bernard being Pienaar mkII and just dead boss in general. He was EVERYWHERE. I went DCL MOM but he was a very close second

- Making loads of presentable chances. Yes, we missed them and need to work on our composure but I don’t think I have ever watched a game against Arsenal and felt like WE should have scored 5 for once

- Barely looking like we were in danger, defensively. Even when they got the ball towards the end, it always felt like we were going to sweep it up and start another attack. The back four, to a man, were superb and Gana - a few sloppy passes aside - was Ganarriffic once more

- Andre. Flipping. Gomes. I was convinced his early form was a fluke and he was going to flop here as well but he’s back with a bang these last few weeks. He should be ashamed of how unashamedly filthy some of his passes were, today

- The subs, instead of trying to hard in a short time, look like they came on with clear instructions and either slowed down or broke up play where they could when nothing was on. Very sensible and mature and hopefully another sign that Marco is getting his message across

- Pickford didn’t chin anyone
"Ganarrefic" sounds like a weird disease I don't want to catch.
Great post though, great win. Really leaves optimistic for the future


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Superb performance that, got to watcht he first half and I've just watched the 2nd half.

Looked solid and I'm struggling to pick a man of the match....erm I'm gonna give it to Zouma as he won everything


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Most complete performance of the season, shame our forwards couldn't even finish their tea today. 1-0 was very flattering to Arsenal today.

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