Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

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Player Valuation: £35m
I have to hold my hands up and say I've given Thellers some stick for the lack of activity this summer but it looks like, touch wood, we could be in pretty decent shape once a striker is in.

I didn't think we'd be able to get two quality centre backs in but we've gone and done just that. In fairness, Coady's sudden availability probably took many people by surprise.

McNeil is one I'm not particularly convinced by, but better to buy young and hope they'll improve than buy at the tail end of their careers and hope they'll somehow make a step up.

Absolutely delighted to get Onana even though I'd never heard of him previously. We desperately need a proper athlete in there, and to possibly get Gueye too is a huge bonus.

Four new players in the starting xi, at least hopefully, is just what we needed after the disgrace of a season last time out. In fact, should be five if Patterson is given the chance he deserves.

No more Davies, Gomes, Keane and Holgate pairing. No more reserve right backs at left back.

Now just seal Gueye and get a striker in ASAP and it'll be a great window.

We do need to address the wingers sooner or later though as we do have a collection of, in my opinion, pretty terrible wide men, but if they can carve out enough chances for a decent striker it ought to get us by this season.

Bob Latchford

Player Valuation: £35m
This won't go down well here, but one of biggest highlights of this transfer window is the return of William Kenwright CBE to top of the table.

Some fans will never take to him. He has his flaws, but in terms of deal-making I think he's one of the best in the business. Everyone used to say how shrewd Moyes was with transfers. Well, Moyes used to say it was all down to his relationship with Kenwright and vice-versa.

This window has seen Moshiri take a backseat, and without other influences like quasi DOF/board directors and super agents, Thelwell & Lampard have set out a plan to spend what they earned from sales to fit a clear strategy - squeezing out every last drop - just as Kenwright and Moyes used to with Rodwell, Lescott sales.

Yes he puffs himself up a lot of the time, gets too excited and says silly quotes ('good times' etc) and fans will point to the lack of trophies during his tenure as Chairman, but ultimately if he has taken back the reins of the catastrophic transfer dealing since 2016 and steadies the ship until Bramley Moore Dock arrives in 2024. The game changes considerably from that point on and he will be remembered as the chairman who found the people to finance Everton's new home. Don't underestimate how important the new stadium will be to the next 50 years.
Hey Chico


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This guy looks absolutely dreadful, 90% of those chances were handed to him on a plate by errors and it looked like he was actively trying to spurn them. It's a no from me
Honestly all this video done for me was upset me to my core knowing how close we came to playing in that division. Some of the defending here was atrocious.

That being said I’m not sure why we’d be looking at the Championship for strikers and not looking at Brereton Díaz instead? Apparently available for £10m which seems like a steal for a full international after 20+ goals last season.

As for this lad if it is like £4m or something that we’re after I’d probably take it as a punt, would probably make most of it back if not profit regardless so it’s fairly risk free, he’s an improvement on no striker at all so at least there’s that.


Player Valuation: £60m

Any others I think you meant.
Yeah of course, I was his biggest fan and he was my favourite player since I was a kid tbh but we knew he was off and got the deal done quickly and without bad blood.

After that deal was completed I didn’t think there was any way I’d be feeling good about our squad this window though


Player Valuation: £70m
Gana and a good striker in without any important players leaving and this window has been way better than we could’ve hoped!
It’s been incredibly smart recruitment. I didn’t expect to be saying that 3 weeks ago. Really hope we get Gana over the line, and then it’s all on the striker. I’d even take Batshuayi on loan at this stage, I think any half decent striker who can stay fit will score 10 goals for us.

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