Everton set to make swoop for spurs duo

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Player Valuation: 1p


Player Valuation: £50m
A lad on ‘NSNO’ has family who are shareholders at Spurs. He's got a few things right about them in the past, like them signing Peter Crouch before anyone knew about it and Spurs hijacking our deal for Kyle Naughton.

He said a few days ago that Everton and Aston Villa are both interested in David Bentley and his future will be decided next week. Although that Gary Jacob on the Times website was sure he was going to Aston Villa.

I’d certainly take Bentley, he’s a lot better than what we currently have outwide and he’s shown in the past he’s got ability. He’s got something to prove, this could be a good move for him.


Player Valuation: £35m
I have to say our right flank looks so much better with Bentley and Hutton than it does with Osman and Hibbert.

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