Everton. I hate you.

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Started following toffees in 85...(I know..glory hunter I hear you cry...I was 6) and stuck to my guns to settle in for 30 years of defending our honour/cursing us secretly on most occasions/falling in love all over again at times/apathy&unconditional love.....all because toffees always dare to dream


Player Valuation: £70m
What I hate more then anything right now is the big screen constantly showing the crowd, WTF is that alll about? What next, "Rocking All Over The World" after a goal or "We WIll Rock You" when we make a sub, its cringeworthy, as if anyone wants to see that, besides there are fans who sit in severely obstructed seats who might rely on it for a moment, im sure they would rather see the match then some fella who has pulled a sicky to go the match

Durham Toffee

Shameless Wool
Supporting this club is masochistic.

It's like loving someone who keeps stripping naked, splaying their legs wide open, winking at you and then inviting every one of your best mates to run a train on her whilst you watch.
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