Everton. I hate you.

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Following on from the glut of negative knee-jerky threads, I thought I'd throw one out there too.

So, Everton Football Club of Goodison Rd L4, I hate you.

For 40 years you have made my life, bar a few decent weekends, a complete misery.

Anybody else hate the barstuds?

I tell you one thing I have learned.

Take your holiday in the close season.

I am down here on the Algarve for a few weeks and already the holiday has a cloud over it....what with yestetday's defeat and the looming derby :(

Better off going in June or July when there is no football to ruin it.


Player Valuation: £70m
Going into the derby making terrible errors all over the show, we never win there EVER, and the logic suggests that for once our team is definitely better than theirs and that we'll do them.

Inevitably we'll get smashed, and yet I buy into the idea of us winning there every single season. There's nothing else in my life that constantly does this to me.


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Just bought my ticket for the ManU game.
I should be [insert expletive here] sectioned. It's like banging your head against a brick wall which continually gets rebuilt no matter how many times you head butt it. Somebody hug me ffs
*gives Woolly a cuddle
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