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The issues within the club are mounting each day. I understand that Brands had a 'reputation' but to me is an employee of the club. DBB is also an employee yet both of these people are in the boardroom. What kind of scrutiny does this put on Brands when his job is virtually secure as he has an input on all decisions. Baxendale shouldn't have any role to do with the football as she worked in the community and not on the pitch.

We rushed in too a standard premier league manager 18 months ago just like we did with Koeman and Martinez and this next appointment sadly has to be stabilisation as the club seems incapable of adapting to and sticking to a system. This means the board will have to be logical and not go for just another marco silva.

We have wasted money on rubbish for years now and there is a clear lack of ambition when we see 'Kenwright wants Moyes' which is showing the decision he made years ago to stabilise the club and although it worked then footballs moved on and sadly Kenwright hasn't with his boring ideas which frankly have ruined our club. Jobs for the boys with all his ex favourites like Ferguson, Unsworth and Osman. You wouldn't see this at an aspiring club but this is now seemingly a family club with no motivation. Moshiri has to take some blame also but if I was him, I would question why he let so many idiots have a say in what he has spent millions on.

Worst board in the football world. They take an age to make any decision and when they do, it's always the wrong one. Shambles, every member needs replacing as they are taking us to the championship and that pie in the sky stadium along with it.
Alan Myers saying the obvious “big decisions need to be made”

It’s the people making them are clearly the problem, have been for years. Far too many cases of one step forward and two, three, four back. It can’t go on.

If you want to progress , truly progress and sustain it, the best people for the job are required. Not people to placate, not people to suit personal agendas and needs , not people who played a few decent games and nothing else, not people with all the sincerity of a dead cockroach.

Nothing but the best is good enough, a hollow motto more than ever.

If Moyes and Cahill come in - for anyone who backed Kenwrong over the Blue Union I hope you're happy.

5% stake yet still controls the club.

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