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Player Valuation: £70m
Following on from the analysis of youngsters breaking into the Everton first team, lots of names were proposed of lads who didn’t make a full appearance for The Toffees but had lengthy careers elsewhere.

I’ll often watch a game from the lower leagues and notice an ex-Academy player, or see a goalscorer on the ‘teleprinter’ who once played for us at youth level. Everton is a club that supports the game at all levels, so perhaps we can give a shout to those youngsters that once represented us at Youth Level. Qualifying criteria;

1) Full time (not a schoolboy) at Everton: apprentice, YTS, young professional etc. Not bought or on loan (such as Dier or Mustafi).
2) Never played a league game for Everton.
3) Played 100 league games since leaving us, unless currently playing and building to that total.

A few from me;

John Doolan (as suggested by @Cameron Manning). Left Everton in 1994 and played plenty at clubs like Mansfield and Barnsley. Recently a coach at Everton.

Sean O’Hanlon. Left Everton in 2004 and played over 400 league games at MK Dons and Swindon amongst others.

Steven Schumacher. Left Everton 2004, now assistant manager at Plymouth played over 400 league games for clubs including Bradford and Bury.

Carl Regan. A key member of an Everton FA Youth Cup winning team, he left the club in 2000 and played plenty of league games for Bristol Rovers and MK Dons.

Hope Akpan. Currently at Bradford City, Akpan left the Toffees in 2011 and has 4 international caps for Nigeria.

Liam Walsh. A favourite of many on here, he left us in 2018 and is attracting interest from many for his recent performances at high-flying Coventry City.

Antonee Robinson. A regular for Wigan since leaving us in 2019 and a full US International.

John Lundstram. Left Everton in 2015 without a first team appearance, not many turn out to be regular top flight players but he‘s doing terrific at Sheffield United.

David Esser. Doubt many will have heard of him but an old foe of mine. England Schoolby from Stockport who left us in 1977 after an apprenticeship and went on to play many games for Rochdale.


Player Valuation: £70m
Ryan Ledson - big name for us and England at 16 but for whatever reason never developed into a premier league player, currently at preston. still young so can maybe go the lundstram route


Player Valuation: £25m
Aristote Nsaila is currently at Bolton, he's played over 300 games for seven clubs and has 1 cap for DR Congo.


Player Valuation: £70m
Adam Davies - often put in academy 11 things cos hes the only goalie anyone can think of that we've produced. has had a good career with Barnsley mostly and got into a few welsh squads


Player Valuation: £25m
Danny Fox currently at Wigan but played mostly for Forest also a couple of seasons for Southampton, made 23 PL appearances and has 4 caps for Scotland.

Jordan Thorniley was released in 2016, he joined Sheffield Wednesday but recently transferred to Blackpool.


Player Valuation: £5m
Lee Molyneux was a highly rated full back and has had a lot of clubs in the lower leagues and now at Bala Town.


Player Valuation: £5m
....thought he was still with Fleetwood, didn’t know about the injury. Regardless, looks like he’s played around 100 league games.
He's retired now. I'm sure he is a scout or something now.......

Just checked chief scout at Fleetwood.

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