Everton 3 Wimbledon 2

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Watch this every year. Coventry was nothing compared to 2-0 down in that.

A proper footballing miracle.
I’ll never ever forget that day, so Much slips my mind these days but not a moment of that . When it comes to success it’s not until you talk to mates or see things on here that moments and images come to mind but I swear I remember every second of that day .

I’ve been there for the trophies Everton have won in my lifetime and i’d say probably every big game , certainly most of them , but nothing compares to the pressure or elation of that day . Incredible and obviously hope to never experience it again .


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My mate and me were working overtime that Saturday morning, planning to go over as usual from Llandudno at about 12, have a burger and queue for a ticket. Listening to Radio Merseyside news in mid morning and they said the queue was already down Goodison Rd. as far as the church! We instantly dropped everything, broke the speed limit getting to the ground, managed to get 2 tickets in top balcony, about level with the Park End D. The building works to our right made for a weird atmosphere at that end of the pitch. Never hugged so many complete strangers when the 3rd went in.
Oh mate I did the same, I waltzed up to Goodison around 12.30pm and didn't think anything of it not getting a ticket. Street end it was just rammed outside and then rumours had it there were a few tickets left Main Stand side. Got that side and nothing

Those house behind the park End, people were knocking on those doors to watch from the bedroom. Me mate said come on let's go home told him to koff and leave me alone and that's where intended up in Stanley park and in a tree.

Even the build up from thinking it would be sound to get in to not getting in to even finding a tree safe enough was stress


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31,000 squeaky bums, great dive by Limpar, Stuart and Horne, forgot how many chances Wimbledon had and Kenwright's annoying face. Mike Walker :mad:

Why did you think this was a good idea for a thread? One of the worst and most happiest days of my life all rolled into one.


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I know it's wrong to joke about such things , but I am sure I came close to dying during that game.
I could literally feel my heart beating , and blood pulsing through the blood vessels in my head.
The relief at the end was something else , but Everton should never have to go through that again.
At my age now , I don't think that I would survive a rerun.


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I don't recall watching that fully on tv as I missed motd that night due to the celebrating after the match but just listening to it reminds how much of a female organ Martin Tyler is.


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12 years old in Epcot Florida watching my Dad's face turn to relief as he said to me "they stayed up" after making the phone call home. Will never forget how, without much being said, the gravity of how important those words were


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Is it true Segers took a bung or is that just kopites on the wind up? True that 3rd goal looks dodgy as hell but how was he supposed to know Wimbledon were going to go 2-0 up and we'd need to score 3?

Personally think that Bolton's goal that never was in the 1997/98 season was a bigger slice of luck. Sheer incompetence from the officials cost them the points which were ultimately the difference that kept us up and sent them down. I don't think I could bare to watch football ever again if that were my team.


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It just shows what fear / lack of confidence can do to decent players, like Southall, Watson etc. I was there and watched MotD and you could feel the lack of bottle coming off the screen, with every corner.
Strange thing, the power of the mind.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
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