Everton 3 Wimbledon 2

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Was at the game.
Genuinely the last time I knew we wouldn't get beat. Even at 2-0 down.

Cork Evertonian

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I think unlike in 1998 that Everton squad wasn't that bad.The problem was, there was two out of their depth managers that season in Jimmy Gabriel and Mike Walker.Apparently Walker had no interest in the training sessions.If it was a sunny day for training, he would just sit down relaxing on the sun lounger, and leave his assistant do all the work!


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Nothing sad about it, a great day.
my point being when I say sad day is that like a lot of the lads on here I have been lucky enough to see us lift league titles so even thou it was a great comeback /atmosphere/ memory/ night out / .Were Everton and like labby once said were one of the biggest and the best in the country and to be in that position was sad . Hopefully never again


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I was in a tree in Stanley park watching this. Had a little view just of the street end goal. God when Hornes goal went in it was like watching apples fall from trees but replace apples with fellas, kids and lasses.

Unreal afternoon.
I was in the Gwladys Street behind the goal on the edge of the upper bit where the join in the terrace was. Will always remember the trees in Stanley Park moving so violently it was like a hurricane just hit them when the goal went in


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Is it true Segers took a bung or is that just kopites on the wind up? True that 3rd goal looks dodgy as hell but how was he supposed to know Wimbledon were going to go 2-0 up and we'd need to score 3?

Personally think that Bolton's goal that never was in the 1997/98 season was a bigger slice of luck. Sheer incompetence from the officials cost them the points which were ultimately the difference that kept us up and sent them down. I don't think I could bare to watch football ever again if that were my team.
Was Neville not clearly fouled during the build up to that disallowed goal?


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I was in the main stand with jaycee of here and my mam, cant recall why , i never went there normally, crying at half time ,BBC radio commentator complaining about my language as he was trying to broadcast to the nation, the look on his face when,
I turned to face him totally gone in the head and my mum said to him just shut up, keep quite and turn the other way or he will kill you i am not messing do it NOW.
the fella who played Harry Cross on brookside grabbed me and said we will win this lad come on and sit back down,he calmed me down a bit, he must have been the only fan in the ground that day that believed that at the time.
Walking from the ground all the car horns going off everywhere everybody dancing and hugging in the road.
Later on great night out , nearly ruined in the wilmslow when the manager of the pub announced, here is the man that has kept us up , Walker appeared behind the bar, a few cheers , until me and my mate Franny tried to get over the bar to get into him, for the second time in the day i was furious, he fkd off sharpish , i said why are you cheering him for the useless idiot has near got us relegated , cant understand some of are fans sometimes he should have got lynched , the arrogance of the man coming in there after that season.
Didn't ruin the night though , highlight being for me somehow being at the bottom of a pile on. with about a dozen Everton ladies on top of me in the pub , for a few minutes it was blue heaven , don't ask me how i happened to be on the floor with the ladies on top , by that stage i was well out of it.


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Got to admit that i left at 2 nil, jumped in a taxi in bits.... contemplating leavin the city and how i would cope...... driver was a red and had a smerk on his ugly Norwegian kipper... didnt say a word all the way... in the house, straight to me room, heard the lad across the road screaming in the street when it was over so joined him and got very very pissed....


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It's one of those moments that you remember what you were doing that day. I was at a mate's wedding and kept nipping out to listen to the radio. I'd given up at 2-0 down. Who knows where we would be now if we had been relegated.

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