Everton 3 Wimbledon 2

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It's one of those moments that you remember what you were doing that day. I was at a mate's wedding and kept nipping out to listen to the radio. I'd given up at 2-0 down. Who knows where we would be now if we had been relegated.
You never know - us going down could of been the blood letting the club needed - 25 years later we are still in footballs no man's land, think city dropping down to the 3rd tier..... But then again knowing our luck we'd be playing in the conference north..

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Me and my mate said we were going to wait and watch MOTD. Some RS kid on our street ran out and told us it was 2-0 and we were pretty devastated. Didn’t bother following up the progress and we assumed we were down.

Watched MOTD anyway and couldn’t quite believe what I’d seen, although even my 12 year old self was cynical enough to suspect we had more than fate on our side, that day...


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I was working an early shift in Warrington, wasn't going to bother but a little bird on my shoulder said to do it. I can't remember what time I got there, just after 1pm I think, and you could feel it, in the air. Huge queues to get in. The feeling when I got through the turnstiles.. I was in.. Top Balcony near the desolate Park End.

Everything about the game was surreal, then and now. 2-0 down and like the fella above said, people were walking out. I stayed because I just had a calm feeling something special could happen. I was off to a party that night, a manc lad hosting, and knew whatever happened it would be the talk of the party.

When the game was over, happy as I was, I just hd this feeling I had seen something that wasnt quite right. Couldnt put my finger on it, but Wimbledon rolling over like that, really?

Whenever Vinny Jones gives it the hard man act I always remember that game. Last 25 minutes he disappeared.

Years later when that trial came up something inside made sense.

But I'm glad I went and was there.


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Thought that hardly anyone would turn up,only to be in a long line when they closed the gates in the Gwlady's St.ran around to the gate for the Top tier Goodison Rd and to my shame manhandled a couple of people out of the way to get in with my youngest son just before they closed as well.When we went 0-2 down looked at him and said "It'll be a trip to Port Vale away next year then" he just looked stunned. Any younger supporters who don't think we get behind the team should have been there,the atmosphere was amazing.Came out of the ground and drove home in a daze,(like many others I'd imagine).Thought, that could never happen again...:Blink:

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We travelled up from the midlands I begged my dad to take me (he was a Walsall fan) we got there around 12 and the crowds round the ground to get in already was unbelievable, we got into the paddock, the atmosphere inside the ground was incredible, that day cemented my relationship with the club forever...completely mental. Like many others I believed we were safe at 2-2, when we scored just limbs everywhere...hugging strangers...my dad said “it’s as if they have won the cup”, it was of course so much more than that! Was at the Coventry game in 98, semi and final in 95 and 09, and that I maintain that game was the most incredible for raw emotion and terror , and joy rolled into one ....


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Geesh that was good to watch in hindsight, but has brought back horrific memories of those days.

Ruddy Walker.


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My brother got married at 12, after the service he apologised to me for making me miss the match, told him no way I was missing it and to make sure the speeches didn't drag on. I missed the speeches and got to the ground late, in my suit, I didn't even know that we were losing 1 - 0 until they got the 2nd.
When we took the lead Wimbledon didn't appear to even try to equalise.


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Post match cocktails in the Yates's by Moorefield's station.

Absolutely rammed with celebrating Blues.

Remember deciding it was a good idea to drink Calvados, regretted it for day's after.



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I went playing football with some mates to try and ignore it but eventually decided to go home and listen to it on Radio City/ BBC Merseyside or whatever station it was. Tuned in at 0-2 and couldn't believe it but all turned out well in the end.

Bought my first season ticket the following season safe in the knowledge that Everton would never let me down again....
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