Everton 3 Wimbledon 2

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31,000 squeaky bums, great dive by Limpar, Stuart and Horne, forgot how many chances Wimbledon had and Kenwright's annoying face. Mike Walker :mad:

Your right mate Wimbledon had the chances to bury us but they never took them .barry Horne what can we say . Great day but in a way a sad day


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I was nights that weekend.
Got out me pit
Checked the score 0-2
Sureall feeling.
My kids were still babies so had other things on my mind.
Put the box on just to check at full time.
Relief and thinking that'll never happen again. ...

Athletico Timbo

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Blimey, I’ve not seen that for ages. What a day. I refused to believe we could get relagated but when we went 2-0 down I was shell shocked. I’ve never felt so empty. But who needs Romario when you’ve got Barry Horne. Yerrrrs!


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Was in the Glawdys st end and right up till watching MOTD thought it was Cottee that scored the winner. Funny how certain things stick in the head when remembering back. I remember Unsy with his slicked hair geeing up the crowd at the beginning and Hornes 2nd shot which nearly whistled in as well.


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My mate and me were working overtime that Saturday morning, planning to go over as usual from Llandudno at about 12, have a burger and queue for a ticket. Listening to Radio Merseyside news in mid morning and they said the queue was already down Goodison Rd. as far as the church! We instantly dropped everything, broke the speed limit getting to the ground, managed to get 2 tickets in top balcony, about level with the Park End D. The building works to our right made for a weird atmosphere at that end of the pitch. Never hugged so many complete strangers when the 3rd went in.
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