Everton 1983-87,the glory years.

Dario Terracotta

Player Valuation: £70m
I reckon there's a good few people on here around my age or even olderlol, go on what are your favourite not so 'forgotten" or games not mentioned as much as the obvious(Bayern,Watford,Southampton,Rapid etc),Leicester away March 1985,one of my faves, we weren't at our best that particular day, but what determination we had,Andy Gray,nearly knocking himself out against the postlolThere's loads keep springing to my mind, go ahead!!

Dario Terracotta

Player Valuation: £70m
One that always stands out for me Dario is the league cup game V Coventry,sure we were 1-0 down,Heath had gone off injured,Sharpy was playing with one leg and we won 2-1 very late on,round about 10k watching it and it sounded like ten times that in the last few minutes
Yep mate,didnt Reidy get the winner or was it sharpy?anyhow the roof came off!


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Man Utd away in the FA cup in 1983. We lost to a late goal but played really well with a young team - I think that was when we saw the first signs of what was to come, although there were a few more bumps in the road on the way.
I agree mate we saw something that day that brought back some believe that we might just have something to work with.