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john jako

Player Valuation: £60m
Could tell after the first 5 mins today we where going to get beat. We couldn’t get beat them. Had no ball for ages. Then once we did, we couldn’t control it and couldn’t pass.


Player Valuation: £70m
I agree today! 4-4-2 was suicide, they murdered us through midfield
that’s because 3 of our midfield can’t run. As soon as they press and the ball gets passed round them, none are quick enough to get across and plug holes, none can get back goal side and none ofthe 4 midfielders can tackle. A quick 1-2 or a bit of skill to get round one of our miss and we are screwed. Davies going at full speed but looks like he’s running backwardscompared to their players. Our midfeilder no matter what combination we play , lack pace and I mean seriously lack pace, none can tackle , pass forward , score or dominate in the air. It begs the question “ what are they actually good at and what do they offer?” Bernard is the only one that has any sort of pace whist also being good in tight areas .


Player Valuation: £30m
Seen some bad away defeats and poor away performances in person and in my time as a supporter of this club. This one was right up there. To a man we were poor, weak, lethargic, and whatever other description springs to mind. People saying, Sidibe, Davies, Bernard were very poor etc. For me, every player was off today. Every time we get to a stage when we're saying and thinking a big win will project us to the next level......we capitulate or don't show up in one form.or another.
Long journey home was that!
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