Can we break into the big 5?

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We could but not yet, not strong enough & need more quality players than we presently have....

Top 6 is a strong possibility this year but we need to strengthen also with a striker being a top priority...

Enjoying the football this year & Marco Silva is doing a great job but he needs more quality signings to continue this impressive progress...


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When I look at it I keep thinking we would need probably 4 top players and for 2 teams in the usual top 6 of, man City, man utd, arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and spurs to have an off season. Man utd are already doing it.

I've got everything crossed that we smash them in the Derby and they go on an 18 game winless run. Then we will be in a great position for top 5 :D:D:cheers::cheers:

Agent Blue

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We may have to contribute to the Referees Association annual jolly to even have a chance of top five......but this is football.


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We should be competitive for it this year, Utd and Arsenal should be our targets, but would be very very lucky.

Two thing required, consistency in wins against teams below us and Vs results against the CL teams, draws a couple losses and an odd win.

Don’t think a CL place is on the table this year, we would be very lucky, we don’t have the squad to compete frankly.

Europa league would be a success this year.

Dubai Blue

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Was watching the Spurs game on Saturday night on BeIN (broadcaster in Middle East) and I swear the commentator referred to it as "the big 6 + Everton". Despite the fact that both us and United had played at 3pm and the table was clearly showing us above them.

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