Can we break into the big 5?

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I think regardless of what happens on Sunday and away at Man City in a few weeks time we can have a good season but that we will regret some of the early points dropped and narrowly finish below 6th.


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Looks like we’ll have break into the top 5 after all! Sky just done a derby preview followed by a look at the top of the table “as it stands” and guess what - it now shows the top 5, guaranteed if Man U were in 6th it’d show the top 6


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I think regardless of what happens on Sunday and away at Man City in a few weeks time we can have a good season but that we will regret some of the early points dropped and narrowly finish below 6th.
Yeah most likely outcome especially if United start clicking again.

Good football, 7th and a good go at the FA Cup will suffice for a first season with Silva.

Finish 5th or higher and then we’ve had a brilliant season and win the FA Cup and I become one with the force Luke Skywalker style.


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Only one position we should be aiming for n that's 1st, that's the whole point is it not. As it stands that's not attainable, although Leicester may disagree, but that's the end game it has to be or why bother. Im sure city n Chelsea fans never thought they'd be the powerhouses they are now at one point.


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Never happen Bayern always start that rumor just before terms for future champions league revenue are negotiated, so they can get more money from the champions league it usually works.
I couldn’t see it happening tbh, if they did I would tell them they can’t compete in the prem. RS, city, Chelsea , Man U , real, Barca , PSG, Bayern, juve etc all have one thing in common, they’re all used to winning and challenging for titles . They cant all win a super league, how long before they get bored of finishing at the bottom of any league, their fans would be livid.


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Was a weird season 2004/5, we finish 4th with a negative goal difference, and losing 13 games with 7 draws. if you look at the 4th place finishes since we finished 4th they are:

2005/6 season 67 pts
2006/7 68 pts
2007/8 76 pts
2008/9 72 pts
2009/10 70 pts
2010/11 68 pts
2011/12 69 pts
2012/13 73 pts
2013/14 79 pts
2014/15 70 pts
2015/16 66 pts
2016/17 76 pts
2017/18 75 pts.
Just shows how the league is becoming less competitive , which is a shame imo


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We don’t beat the top 5 clubs in the league enough to finish in about them, home and away.

If we want to get fourth or above we would need to get results away at the likes of Arsenal, United, Liverpool etc.

Our record against these teams just isn’t good enough to finish above these teams.
Sadly this is true , if we got what we actually deserved this year at Man U and arse , which imo was at least a point at both places , then we would be in a very different position and mindset. Sadly our record isn’t good enough and although we can’t blame it on luck or refs, whenever we do look like breaking our duck , something buzzard happens and it’s “ Everton that”. That being said we could have been a couple up at arse, had the wind knocked out of us at OT by the ref and even then we could have had a point, and the Chelsea game we could have snatched a win if we were more clinical and Bernard finished his chance . It’s fine margins but a couple of little bits of luck is all that has stopped us from being in the top 4 so far, Bournemouth and wolves is another “Everton that”. The fact that we are talking about these small margins shows how improved we are and that we are having a go at these teams and if we keep everyone together and add some more players , we could really have a good chance of overtaking a couple of these sides and getting top 4, from there ? We just have to hope that we attract more players and stay as high as we can for as long as we can
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