Can we break into the big 5?

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Geeze. We don't half build ourselves up.

We'll get beat this weekend. Then we have to continue the good form.
Got to be optimistic mate it will happen eventually. An silva is a man with a plan let’s just hope the players actually show up.

Just think the stakes are as big as ever in this game and they are more under pressure then we are to get a result otherwise they can kiss goodbye to the slim chances they have of the title. City play Bournemouth who you would expect them to beat on Saturday so they have even more pressure 24hrs before an already big game for bragging rights.


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Not for at least a couple of seasons, I think United will be back in the top 4/5 once they get a new manager in. All the so called top 6 have been there consistently for a long time, we have managed to get in a couple of times but they’ve been false dawns.
United are just another club in the top half. They are still living the post- Ferguson trip like our dear red friends existed on reputation for years.


Player Valuation: £10m
We don’t beat the top 5 clubs in the league enough to finish in about them, home and away.

If we want to get fourth or above we would need to get results away at the likes of Arsenal, United, Liverpool etc.

Our record against these teams just isn’t good enough to finish above these teams.
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