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roy vernon

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Alex Young, about a mile in the air, scoring against Bill Brown of Tottenham, 62/63 season and almost an identical goal the following season against the same opposition. Not totally sure they are the correct seasons but will be pretty much on the ball, I know I was still going in the pen at the time.


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some memorable moments for me in relation to modern history (may already be in the pic)

arteta's goal against Fiorentina
collina when he disallowed big dunc's goal against Villareal
jagielka's goal at anfield in the 91st minute
jagielka scoring the winning penalty against utd in the 09 fa cup semi final
saha scoring the fastest fa cup final goal in 09 (record which still stands today)


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James Beatie scoring against Villarreal at Goodison in 2005, we went out but it was a great moment when he scored


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Seamus doing the keepy ups against Arsenal. Ravenelli at Goodison when he was ‘joining’. Van den Hauwe against Norwich. Bakayoko blammo’s..


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How about a couple of moments from the 95 cup final.....I watched it on tv and remember the camera panned to Joe Royle and he gave a v for victory sign while we were a goal up and Fergie was looking miserable.
Also....Big Nev plucking the ball with one mitt off the top of Gary Pallister’s head.

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I think it's what makes the piece so great - so much going on you miss a lot.

But it's also what concerns me, everyone keeps saying moments that are already on it and so I'm thinking there will be obvious players/moments missing...
Me as well, as far as the actual print size...I'd like to order one but I'm wondering if it's just going to be a giant blob if the print isn't large enough to scan over without your face being 3 inches away. I'm thinking you're going to have to be at least around 4+ foot, lengthwise, to be nice and clear. Obviously that affects price but I'm not bothered if the quality's good. Suppose you just don't know until it's printed...

Here's might be a bit obscure (although you'd hope not) but I'm not sure what else from it could be put in and it's a good 'Everton' moment...I suppose if anyone has to ask what it is then it might not work but I guess finding things and being a conversation piece is all part of the allure.

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