2020/21 Ben Godfrey

Darth Toffeeman

Player Valuation: £70m
The issue is, from an orthodox reading of things we couldn't. However it would be almost a fire sale in an orthodox reading. Every problem is got around with Moshiri putting more in.

I suspect there is some contention about that, as it's not a logical way to run things. We all do this though, we assume how we might approach things is how Moshiri logically has to be (or other people). I do it a lot. People see the world very differently.

One thing I'll say, is that both Chelsea, and City probably ran cubs at huge losses (far beyond our, relatively speaking) for 5-10 years, but ultimately built an organisation that isnow worth multiple billion. I'm not sure how you grow an org to be worth around what say City/Chelsea are worth without adding a lot of debt in the short-medium term. If that was the plan it won't worry them.

I fully understand that there would be some anger at how mney was spent badly. However, you are really not going to choose Brands and Ancelotti, when we finally look on the brink of moving forward, to make a point that the club has wasted money so they get no more. It would be cutting off ones nose to spite ones face.

It ought to be added The Esk isn't the only one who's said the things he has, he's perhaps just the most well known. At some point people are going to have to stop with the "we are skint and have to sell" narrative, summer after summer, without ever really evaluating that after years of big spending, this may just be the new normal.

I cannot understand fears over spending.

USM have increased their wealth during this period of uncertainty across the globe. They are one of the biggest financial powerhouses on the planet with some of the best business brains around.

They want Everton to be one of the most recognisable brands in the game. That takes serious investment.
Control of the Liverpool Waterfront is a big part of the global expansion of the corporation.

If we get a fine or other penalty from UEFA, I honestly don't think they will care. Getting Everton competing with the likes of Real Madrid and Bayern, at the Docks stadium, is what they will want.

Onwards Evertonians

Player Valuation: £8m
There's a video of him on twitter were he's the furthest player forward when they lose possession, he tracks back at speed and wins the ball in the opposite penalty area, sometimes that's all you need to see to know what a player is about. Same with Allan, celebrating winning a tackle, that told me all I needed to know. I think we'll like this lad when he settles.

Paul Rideout

Player Valuation: £25m
....I’m much happier with Godfrey than Todibo, especially from an attitude perspective.

Used to the league,
Used to the weather (being from York and all),
Will see Everton as the pinnacle of where he can be for the next few years, not just a short term stepping stone,
Dad played Rugby League for Hull KR.


Player Valuation: £5m



Player Valuation: £950k
Think thats harsh. He made one high profile error against the RS, but apart from that I don't recall him making a lot of them, he was pretty consistent Big Syl
Deffo. He gets to much stick for that error distin, people making out that we were cruising are slightly rewriting history. We hadnt tested their 3rd choice keeper other than the goal and were well on our way to retreating back into our shell as per usual during the moyes era in big games. Tonday they wernt in the game until the error is a stretch, Andy Carroll had just missed a header from 6 yards out.

Mitch Ward's Minder

Player Valuation: £2.5m
Think thats harsh. He made one high profile error against the RS, but apart from that I don't recall him making a lot of them, he was pretty consistent Big Syl
Only other one was giving away a pen and getting sent off against Lisbon when we were comfortable, though in reality he was trying to mop up Rodwells very poor back pass from memory. Imagine if we'd had him for the 2nd leg rather than Senderos! Imagine if Martinez hadn't binned him off and played him in Kiev rather than Alcaraz! Fine margins.

Distins weakness for us was not scoring enough. He's up there with being our best prem era CB.

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