Away and Third kits 2018/2019

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Player Valuation: £50m
I think they should go back to changing the home and away kits every 2 seasons. 3 kits a year is overkill and there's always loads left at the end of the season that they can't shift. I genuinely think they'd make just as much money if the kits were decent and there would be far less waste.

They could even do a limited edition third kit that they are allowed to change every season.


Player Valuation: £25m
It's my Annual call...Black Watch. I thank you.
Surely someone must do this at some point
Big red sash on an Everton shirt. Not happening, ever.
Long overdue an amber kit (last 11/12?), but we'll probably get the standard white away and black 3rd
yeah I’m partial to an Amber kit too. Something simple and smart.
I think we should combine the two ideas, away kit which is Amber, with a Blue sash. Incorporating the design of the black watch, with the popular amber away colours. Can someone who is good with photoshop sort this for me please?

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