Away and Third kits 2018/2019

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One of the away/3rd kits will be white. It was shown in the background of a TV background a few weeks ago. I put a picture up somewhere on here.


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Got that one myself - we wore it a grand total of once
Some of the away / third kits are pointless, they are just not required whenever I see the ones that are dark colours, I kind of think, “well, we won’t wear that much”.

Also some years we haven’t released the third kit till the end of November, so the opportunity to wear them are limited. For me the away kit should be white or amber, then the third kit should be a bright luminous colour, so it can be worn for evening and night matches, at least we might wear it a handful of times then


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Big red sash on an Everton shirt. Not happening, ever.
...except for 1881/1882 of course. Maybe 1891/1892 too.

How is salmon pink "red"?
Because Red is the basis of Salmon Pink & is mixed with white to do so.

That means 1882-1884, and 1886/1887 need to be added to the above.
I could take or leave it. It wasn't red in any way shape or form though. The Black Watch shout is for a shirt with a red sash.
And it's part of our heritage. We've gave up our original ground which they took, our City is synonymous with them, a colour we first used they now own, Christ, even Watford play Z Cars!!! Someone needs to make a stand here!

(Also, it's just mere coincidence that my AFL team wears it...)


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We have no players who are safe enough from Marcel's ruthless cull, and therefore no one to model the kits..

Loads of em in boxes at Everton 2, but all named up with 'Rooney'.
I wonder how close to the truth this actually is......
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