Away and Third kits 2018/2019

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Why do we need three new kits every season? The main income for clubs is in tv money, season ticket money counts for a much reduced % of turnover, we have greater sponsorship revenue so why rip parents off every year with three kits?

We sometimes play in the third kit no more than once or twice and then it’s more to do with having to wear it than a colour clash, so can’t we have two kits? Can’t see the third radically changes ours, Umbro’s or Kitbags fortunes that much it makes such a big deal, Fed up of the constant drive to squeeze more and more from fans.


Player Valuation: £35m
I wear last year's blue and yellow training shorts cycling to school coz of the zip pockets.

Does anyone know if the knew black and pink training shorts have zips too?



Player Valuation: £70m
Playing in an all white strip was the difference IMO.

The players would have felt like they were running on to the Bernabeu.
Funny that, because when I went to Goodison for the West Ham game, we made them look like Real Madrid....
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