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Mid table team no better than West Ham, Wolves, Leicester.
Have you seen the team West ham can put out... Its wayyyyyy better than ours to a man..

Wolves no so much, but have a better cohesion and are organised well

Leicester team will challenge for top 4, no doubt about it. Galaxies away from our first 11


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It’s just a case of having the players but do they work well together?

Walcott and Sidibe worked boss together, that linked in Iwobi against West Ham. Whereas Sigurdssons play has been slow and lethargic and not really fitting our system.

Likewise, Davies complimented Gomes really well. Gomes can control a midfield, if he is given the right support, and I actually felt even though he was really good against West Ham, Davies outshone him. I’d like to see the pair of them given a proper run.

In schneiderlin’s defence, he’s good at stopping attacking movements, but that’s about it. He’s very limited and not what we need if we’re pushing forward as a team.

Then Richarlison upfront. I believe Kean needs a go up there with him tbh, because Richarlison does what we’ve been crying out for, and runs the channels and creates space.

So if you take Calvert-Lewin out of the team, then automatically we’re more dangerous.

So are we that good? Maybe not THAT good, but we’re better than we’re we should be.

Just need to not necessarily play the best individuals but the best team.

That for me, has no Sigurdsson in it, no schneiderlin in it, has no Coleman in it and no Calvert-Lewin in it. As it’s not surprise that the players showing least form, and least creativity out of the team, meant we had our best performance of the season.

Silva needs to know his best Team XI, not individuals and well push on.


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We've become a team that sign players that couldn't cut it at the top clubs. What we should be doing is signing the hungry-quality players from the lower clubs/championship. That's a formula that worked for us very well in previous years.
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