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Player Valuation: £10m
We've become a team that sign players that couldn't cut it at the top clubs. What we should be doing is signing the hungry-quality players from the lower clubs/championship. That's a formula that worked for us very well in previous years.
What did we win with that formula mate?


Player Valuation: £10m
It's mostly Silva's fault, as last Saturday showed when he was 'forced' by injury, suspension and probably 'told' as well to change it.
He did and it worked.
Having had the bleedin obvious rubbed in his face, I hope he's taken the hint. Change it back for no good reason and he can do one... the quicker the better.
Today's team will be a big indicator as to whether or not he's the man to take us forward. If he's completely reverted to what wasn't working before now that the pressure has been somewhat reduced then he deserves the sack on the spot. Can allow for a change here or there with injuries/ to suit opposition tactics but needs to keep Davies, Iwobi and Richy thru the spine.


Player Valuation: £10m
coleman couldn't play nor Delph , Davies doesn't ever start but did .. he did change gylfi up

like I say, had he played our regular team west ham would have done us

lets see what happens this week
Can't argue with that, had we kept the same squad West Ham wouldve won no probs
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