2019/20 Anthony Gordon

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Little Jim

Player Valuation: Free Transfer
This is just good, sensible business by the club. He’s a good player with lots of room for improvement. He will hopefully kick on to become a 1st team regular which will save the club million. Ancelotti clearly likes him which is good enough for me.


Player Valuation: £225k
Agree tbh - remember how good Davies looked in his first season?

Gordon looks "ok" at this stage but hasn't looked as good as a Rooney or Ross - would rather we have them keep pushing for a new deal rather than handing them out like candy based on 10 or so games like we did with DCL aswell.
I think this is a disservice to the hard work a young lad has put in. He's obviously worked hard and performed in a lot more than 10 or so games. I think you are judging him by two extremes (Rooney at one end of the scale, Davies the other) he's somewhere in between.

Bullens Rd

Player Valuation: £8m
This is the type of contract extension I can get on board with. Looks a handy player
I only hope they haven't got ahead of themselves and offered him 30/40/50k a week guaranteed for five years. He's looked promising, but that's it. He's certainly not a proven Premier League player. For all we know he could turn into the next Tom Davies. 15k for now rising each year based on performances.

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