2018/19 Andre Gomes


Player Valuation: £500k
Sign Gomey up.

Knowing Kenwright he'll be wanting to save a month's wages and will go for him in middle of June, only for Gomes to have signed for Spurs in the meantime.
Wait! You know him?
To be honest I don't think he has the say anymore tbf.
We just gotta let Marcel deal with this and trust in the decisions (until he makes some obviously wrong ones)
They've been pretty good up to now.


Player Valuation: £60m
Hope this doesnt turn into a Witsel scenario.
Decision when season ends.
Waiting for it to happen , then he goes on holiday then disapearers then racks up in China and signs for some randon club.



Player Valuation: £15m
I’d be disappointed if the reason we didn’t sign him was because he chose somewhere else. I get Barca will want a bidding war and we can’t control that. We may decide he isn’t worth what they are asking and I’d reluctantly accept that too but given the dark place he opening talks about being in when we took a chance on him and helped him rediscover not only fitness and first team football but also a sense of joy from the game and adulation from fans... If it came down to him deciding to choose someone else over us for champions-league I guess I’d just find that tough cause it goes against the things he said earlier in the season


Player Valuation: £10m
Funny how Gomez divides people, those that want shut of him and those who see him as one of our more successful signings in recent years. I know which side I am on.

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