Match Thread AFC Bournemouth v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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Thing is, we controlled that match, and imo it's all on Silva that we lost.

Yes, bad mistakes from Delph, Keane etc. But when we were on top in the second half was the perfect opportunity to bring on a sub and inject something else.

He's not proactive with his subs at all and without the confidence being at home gives us, we don't have any impetus.

If Plan A fails then he reverts to, errr, plan A. We simply lack the adaptability, both in formation and mentality, to make suitable changes that will impact on games.


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Wow, you have a short memory. Remind me how many saves Pickford had to make?
You voted Delph MOTM so you can pipe down, worst game he's had for us, passing all over the place and scored an own goal while making a feeble attempt to clear a bog standard poor freekick that went to him on the deck at first man.


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Controlling the match is irrelevant. It was blatantly obvious the sucker punch was coming. If you repeatedly pass square with no intent and leave only 2 or 3 men back then you will be annihilated away from home.

It's not winning football. It's not good. It's not effective. It's actually so easy to play against.

We would get piles more results if we had half as much posession away from home. We are the worst team I've seen on the transition all season.

Bournemouth must be laughing at how easy it was.


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What you have to ask yourself is: are you surprised by this result?

We tend not to win away games unless they’re against teams in the bottom 3.
Exactly, most on this forum seen this result coming a mile off.

Same as always, 4231, lack of intensity, edge the play... but no goal threat. Then give away set piece goal(s).

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