6 fans arrested on two coaches heading to Cardiff.


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Dont think you can blame drugs for the utter stupidity some of our fans have involved themselves with. Planning fights with Millwall supporters online isnt a drug thing. Its an stupidity thing.
I'm not suggesting that in the slightest. However, it is a convenient method to target a specific group of individuals and secure a conviction against them.

Even without securing a conviction, it will send a message to those individual that they should be aware that they're being pursued - if that makes sense?

It also sends a message to the wider Everton community that perhaps they should 'toe the line' or maybe they'll also receive extra attention from the force.

Let's be clear, this isn't a local force stopping a coach randomly on the way down: they've been hit close to home and force a reason, so as I said join the dots.


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Since Millwall away, your away support has been in the spotlight. You had an incident at Watford the other week too.

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