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    Graham Stuart Appreciation Thread

    Great servant to Everton and a top bloke as well
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Hope we get an announcement soon , really excited about this .
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    Gryff Rhys Jones and Mel Smith -Part of the 1986 FA CUP Final build up -EVERTON FC V LIVERPOOL FC

    When we scored first , I thought here we go , then couldn't believe what happened in front of me . Still gives me heartache today .:rolleyes:
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    Should EFC start to utilise blue liverbird?

    What does what matter ! I've got things to do ! What's the next forum ! Let's reclaim back Anfield ! Pointless talk from goat herders!!!
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    Should EFC start to utilise blue liverbird?

    What's there to get fellow ! I've travelled extensively due to my work . And when I have met fellow blues who started supporting us in the early nighties and up to today from outside of the city . They don't have that core hatred that those in the city have . And to your other answer ! Yes i was...
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    Should EFC start to utilise blue liverbird?

    Have I stated that I or he are more loyal to the crest ! Like I said it's a pointless discussion mostly started from people who dwell from the outside of the city . Who I am well aware what they are there for , but who cares the Rs have branded them globally , from the streets were I grew up...
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    Should EFC start to utilise blue liverbird?

    What's my point , here's the point ! This is a needless discussion, you say they symbolise the city of Liverpool, I was born and bred in Everton and then Scotland road . I have followed them home and away for 40 years and throughout my travels around the world when people from all walks of life...
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    Should EFC start to utilise blue liverbird?

    Runcorn blue , I've followed Everton for 40 + years , and 99% of the blues I know could not be bothered about the liver birds , anything associated with that shower disinterests me . I couldn't care less wether there was a magpie or a sparrow sitting on top . And yes I am from Liverpool.
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    Should EFC start to utilise blue liverbird?

    Can't stand them , everywhere and every time I see them , it reminds me of them .
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    Still can't believe Andy King and Howard are no longer with us , I was devastated when Howard and kingy passed away .
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    Something we can be proud of - Everton in the Community

    We really are a credit in the community, working extremely hard to put the smiles on less fortunate people faces . That's why I love our club .
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    Was never the same after that tackle
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    Mines 85/86 beating Man U 3-1
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    Best Place to Sit

    Outside matey , there's more going on with the kids swinging in the trees in Stanley park .lol
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