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  • Oh right, ive got 2 here, but I reckon my kids would be a bit pissed if I gave you 1, so cant really help mate, have you tried calling it? Thats what I do when my Cat goes over next doors fence, the little monkey she is. Well shes not really a monkey, shes a Cat, but you know what I mean lerd?
    Good to be back lid, I noticed in the chatbox you appear to have some DS issue? And you mentioned an R4, im an expert with regards that shizzle, but I dont think that was the whole problem?
    Japan - Yokohama F. Marinos - Results, fixtures, squad, statistics, photos, videos and news - Soccerway

    Ive bet on those boys.
    We'll win 3-1 imo. West Ham are a decent outfit though Andy.

    United will win 2-1 in the last minute.
    Hello Neo, just a quick one really about the football this Saturday.
    Thanks for the feedback, mate. I posted them in their own thread since I didn't take them, and I thought the Wembly Pics thread was for pics taken by the fans of the fans. I was thinking that since I have access to the Associated Press wire art through work, I'd post all the match pictures from here on out in case people want to save them for whatever reason.
    Gday mate. Not here for a bumming, just a massage.

    Bit of a knot in the left shoulder you might want to look at.

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