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    Everton in turmoil.

    Anyone else feel like this MAY be a turning point? like finally we are going to HAVE to make major changes get some players out, new players in and move forward from the negativity. Not gonna happen over night but the problems have come to a head now and can't be ignored any longer.
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    Match Thread Liverpool v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    God that Elliot lad seems like a right little [Poor language removed] wasn’t he the kid mocking Harry one on video. Proper nasty redshite player.
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    So not sure if this has already been posted but Usmanov's wife is the head of the Russian Gymnastics team and was in a critically acclaimed documentary here: She is an insane coach, instead of investing how about we just get him to send her to finch farm and chase the boys round screaming at...
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    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    Would love to meet the clubs videographer, not only is it my dream job (I'm a videographer and graphic designer) but there is just so many strange decisions. The guy looks like he's just got a new lens on this vid with a really wide aperture and couldn't wait to try it out on Don Carlo with that...
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    January Transfer Thread 2020

    Yup this is massive and one of the most exciting things about Don Carlo. Not only will players come but they will STAY you think Richie really wants to go to United to play under ole when he can spend the most important years of his development under the best manager in the world? Not only will...
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    Match Thread Everton v Burnley - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Agree, I feel like it's all good having a "young" team but there often feels like threre isn't an adult or basically any physicality to the team. Older players in leadership roles like Baines, Coleman and Siggy arn't really enforcers. Give me a gravesen, big dunc or fellani in this team.
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    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    Mate...come on, who would you suggest we should have got then? Pep? Klopp? Zidane?
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    Team Vitor!!!

    He looks great in this also... lets be havin' it!
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    Team Vitor!!!

    you know what... why not that was more entertaining than every silva press confrence combined, least it could be good craic, thats all I ask for.
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    Team Vitor!!!

    I'm hoping this is just agent bull [Poor language removed] for leverage for a new contract in China... has to be right? RIGHT.....
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    Match Thread Liverpool v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    anyone else hear digne tell the linesman to [Poor language removed] off then AY [Poor language removed] OFF! Sounded proper scouse.
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    2019/20 Marco Silva

    100% agree here. He's never seemed that arsed to be honest. I get the stoic thing but I've never seen him have any passion for this club. We need a fighter not some never-been journeyman.
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    The small world of Eddie Howe

    Honestly I would be made up with Eddie Howe, boyhood blue, proper gent and arguably by taking Bournemouth from whiskers away from dropping out of the football league to a mid table prem side is a massive achievement. People saying "they blow hot and cold" They are a historically 3rd division...
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    2019/20 Andre Gomes

    Devastated by the Gomes injury, really really hoping its not as serious as it looks. I don't blame son really as obviously never intended to do him like that but it was still reckless, all in all a freak accident in an all together horror show of a season. This could really go one of two ways...
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    Would you take Moyes?

    Yup I'm 28 and would have Moyes back in a heartbeat.... way better than the souless hellscape we are in now.
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