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    Match Thread West Ham United v Everton (Saturday 18 January 15:00)

    How the hell is that not a sending off
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    Discussion & help on depression & mental health related issues

    People shoving aside things like grief sadness as bad emotions are being disingenuous. Do we want them to be prevalent every single day? No. Happiness and contentment are also emotions that belong in a person's life. Not every day is sunshine and rainbows, though. Life's got peaks and valleys...
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    2019/20 Moise Kean

    If the kid comes good at 21 or 22, Everton will get double what they paid for him.
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    2019/20 Moise Kean

    Probably another 2-3 years as the kid is 19, much to the chagrin of many internet whiners.
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    January Transfer Thread 2020

    What's the obsession with the Aarons kid? He's thoroughly average this season and that's what Everton have already.
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    2019/20 Moise Kean

    Looked like a young man enjoying football in training today
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    Confirmed Signing Jarrad Branthwaite Signs

    Unless they're going to bleed him in slowly into the rotation, I have no idea why he's not gone back out on loan.
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    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    He looks to be settling in nicely. Even a couple of smiles in the video from him. Of course I don't think we ever saw much of training from Silva, but I like the setup of Ancelotti's work
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    2019/20 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Maybe he's negotiating terms with someone else.
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    January Transfer Thread 2020

    That's like saying Tonali is trash because Brescia are trash. The quality of a player is based on their quality, not how the squad around them has been assembled.
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    January Transfer Thread 2020

    I have 16 pages on his straight line speed and agility alone
  12. AmericasToffee

    Marcel Brands

    Brands speaks like someone who knows the NBC tv money won't last forever and Everton need to have sustainability.
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    January Transfer Thread 2020

    Yes please. I've bought him in every FIFA since '16, so I consider myself an expert on Berardi's ability
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    I figure this man is The Esk's worst nightmare. Any time he tries to predict the apocalypse, Uzzy sponsors a locker for 15m to bring Everton back from the brink
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    January Transfer Thread 2020

    I am surprised there's been so little movement this window.
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